About Us

Established in 2012, Apps Guru Consulting is a global technology Services company dedicated to accelerate the clients business by delivering effective services and solutions. We provide an array of services ranging from Oracle ERP to Cyber Security Services and Enterprise Mobility to Product Development. We successfully delivered our service offerings to 30+ customers in various geographies. Our team of experienced consultants anticipate the rapid changes in technologies and operating environments. We dedicate ourselves to cater your requests by pool resources and providing services and solutions to achieve realistic, competent, and effectual business solutions.

Apps Guru is known for its functional and technical deep expertise in providing Oracle & SAP Business Applications, Technology Consulting solutions and Services, across different industries and business functions for Human Capital Management, Financials, Projects, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and CRM. Our professional consultants will ensure that your systems investment and business processes help your organization achieve its competitive advantage.

Apps Guru Consulting provide innovative solutions and services that help companies align their "Business" and "Technology" goals, thus enabling business profit and IT efficiency. With its proven ability to execute, Apps Guru Consulting, consistently helps clients ranging from small to Fortune 500 companies achieve their goals today and exceed beyond them in nearby future.

Oracle Gold Partner

In-depth localization knowledge in the USA, India, Africa and Middle East

All the founders come with a decade plus of experience in Oracle Practice

Offer only Oracle Solutions

Proven Global Delivery Templates

Quality processes in Software Project Management

Customer service and Communication