IDAM Solution Support

AppsGuru provides complete solution support based on the Identity Management requirement. One of the key area we are having expertise is implementing the Segregation of Duties (SoD), now every organization required monitoring of SoD services.

Way of preventing a user from acquiring a conflicting set of entitlements. This conflicting set, also referred as toxic combination in some literature, could allow a user to potentially perform fraudulent activities by circumventing certain commonly established checks and controls.
Business process - “Issuing a check”, the clerk that prepared the voucher must be different from the clerk that wrote the check.
Must be enforced during provisioning of business activity permission (aka entitlement) assignments. SoD is an attempt of implementing GRC – Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

AppsGuru IDM Value Propositions:

AppsGuru establish comprehensive controls that ensure security and compliance Implement best-practice controls for enforcing segregation of duties

Our Automate processes that enforce policy Proactively grant least-privilege access based on job requirements, and revoke access upon transfers and departures
Our Certify these controls are working effectively Create a closed loop from policy to controls to operational systems that detects, tracks, and remediates violations to policy
Deliver proof of control to decision makers and auditors Establish a enterprise-wide reporting and auditing framework Lower the cost of compliance reduce manual efforts by centralizing and automating policy, process, and technology